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Corporate, Event & Holiday Security Services in Belfast, NI

Crowd management made easy

To manage the gathering safely and have an uninterrupted event, it is critical to have an efficient security team in place. When it comes to event security, Hell Hound Security Services take great pride in offering some of the best security services in the region. Our team is trained to handle all your event security needs and ensure that your event runs well. No matter how large or complex the event is, we have the experience to meet all your event security needs. We take the time to analyse the requirement of our clients and then implement security measures accordingly.


Whether you need security guards for your construction or commercial site, we offer much more than just a presence. Our proactive and friendly team has experience serving a wide range of clients. We ensure complete protection and security. 


Securing your corporate space 24/7

At Hell Hound Security Services, we can provide you with comprehensive and high-quality security for your corporate premises or event in Belfast and across Northern Ireland. From setting up CCTV monitoring systems to 24/7 security services, we can do it all! All the security arrangements are made as per your specific requirements. Talk to our team for information on our security services.

Event security

Effective holiday security services in Belfast

At Hell Hound Security Services, we understand the importance of keeping your residential property well protected and secure while you’re away. Our team can install a wide range of security systems and CCTV systems to keep your property secure while you're away from home for an extended period of time.

You can spend quality time with your family at your favourite holiday destination, while we take care of your property security round the clock. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Hell Hound Security Services is a well-established security company, offering comprehensive security services